Improving your business performance

Our ultimate objective is to provide you with an accounting service that has a direct positive impact on the performance of your business. A business underpinned by accurate bookkeeping, meaningful KPI based management accounts and a high quality year-end review based accounting process will be fully equipped for success in today’s difficult trading conditions.

We give you the financial tools you need for business success. You can have accurate financial information at your fingertips which feeds back the performance of your business quickly and meaningfully through “dashboards” to allow you to stay in control of your business and to respond to the fast moving nature of today’s business world. It is through this depth of information that we can help you to grow your business and ultimately your wealth, through illustrating the opportunities and potential pitfalls in your financial strategy.

Making business life easier

You can benefit from a combination of services that will allow you to stop worrying about the accuracy of your VAT return or if your bottom line is really what the figures seem to suggest. We can take away as much or as little of your financial headache as you wish.

You will have:

  • A committed, understanding and friendly team working for you
  • ‘Insourced’ expertise at a level and in away that works best for you
  • Re-assuring control of your business
  • Freedom to do what you do best
  • Time – get back your most valuable asset


Either onsite or offsite, we keep your accounts up to date on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis ensuring accuracy and no re-work. Our qualified bookkeepers & accountants and world-class quality assurance processes ensure all transactions are posted properly the first time around.

Accounting only adds value to a business when it is both accurate and timely. We commit to turnaround times that meet your requirements. From online accounts that are updated within hours of receiving your data to management reports that are sent to you just days after the end of the month, we ensure the numbers are meaningful to your business by guaranteeing they reach you quickly.

Management Accounts – giving you control of your numbers

Though there is no statutory requirement to prepare management accounts, few businesses can succeed without them since they form the basis of good management decisions.  Management accounts must be timely, accurate, understandable, and planning focused.

We redesign the entire accounting and management reporting system to serve the operational needs of your business. Past and present financial information is presented in contrast to budgets and KPI’s and is utilized to prepare forecasts for cash, profit, and balance sheet planning as your needs require.

Furthermore this information is fed into tools that enable us to talk you through key future variables and their impact on the financial performance of your business which may then be used as a basis for proactive management action.

VAT/HMRC assistance

We provide comprehensive VAT advice followed by efficient and cost-effective VAT services including:

  • Timely preparation of your VAT Return and online filing with HMRC
  • Advice on VAT planning and administration
  • VAT control and reconciliation which will ensure no under or over declaration of VAT
  • Liaising with HMRC on your behalf should a VAT officer request any VAT records
  • Dealing with VAT enquiries or investigations easily as all records are referenced and kept electronically
  • Dealing with VAT compliance issues and updating systems as per changes by HMRC

Payroll made easy

Managing an internal payroll system can be relatively expensive and time consuming. Our highly trained payroll professionals run payrolls for hundreds of companies every month and our world-class quality assurance processes ensure that every payslip is exactly as it should be.

With turnaround times as fast as 48 hours, we ensure you get your payroll well in advance of when you need it.

Year-End Statutory Accounts

The annual accounts closing process can be complex and time consuming for any organization, leading to late nights for financial staff, high levels of stress and can become a high risk task. Everyone would like to have a tight process that is far quicker, but with the requirement to act within the frameworks of ever more complex regulatory compliance the process is problematic especially when the accountant and bookkeeper are liaising months after the transactions took place often very close to the statutory deadlines.

By having your accounts both maintained on a regular basis as well as finalised by us, we enable you to avoid the Year End accounts trap of paying your accountant to do work you have already paid your bookkeeper to do, i.e. correct your accounts and ensure statutory compliance. Without any need for rework and the fees and delays that accompany it, we will finalise your year end accounts and file them online at Companies House and with HMRC months before the deadlines after receiving your approval.

In addition through a 9 month review process your tax position will be optimised and balanced against requirements for funding and ensuring that our accounts look healthy from the perspective of potential investors.

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These services are provided by Acuity Professional Limited and APP LLP as appropriate.

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